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Why Study Abroad?

Foreign country is not a simple feat, yet, there are innumerable advantages of studying abroad. From better learning and research opportunities to lucrative careers and intellectual growth, the benefits outweigh the negatives. The following will help you clear your doubts and gives boost to your decision.

Landing on a different atmosphere and city, eventually, develops you as a globally minded person. Irrespective of whatever you study, you will be able to think from a wider dimension which enhances you as a person to face present-day challenges and bring up extra-ordinary solutions. At the end of the day, you’ll have a better package of experience with an outgoing and remarkable perspective, not just a piece of degree as a graduate in your hands.

When you study abroad, your exposure to a new culture and lifestyle will definitely dazzle you. The appropriate way to improve your language skills is to live in a country that doesn’t speak your native language. You get immersed to the place and this increases your vocabulary daily, and introduces you to more colloquial ways of speaking in that language. Living in a student dormitory fosters a sense of community-living as you get to comprehend different situations since you acquire a chance to meet students from different corners of the world, and learn their culture and lifestyle, most importantly, time management skills. Who knows, the experience might positively influence your outlook on life itself!

Overseas universities houses the world’s best infrastructure and facilities for research and study through its journals, faculty, laboratories, and a tradition of cutting-edge research excellence.

The universities and colleges have vibrant campuses offering an abundance of student societies, activities, clubs, internships, and more. Students can also enjoy extra-curricular activities and sports like cricket, football, mountaineering, rugby, water sports, and more. Learn dancing, cooking, gaming, and pick up new skills from hundreds of societies and organizations.

You don’t have to barricade yourself to the gates of education alone. Embrace the opportunity to travel to unique travel hotspots, understand the shape and geography of the new ground you are standing on and you’ll be able to distinguish it with your homeland. You’ll get back with tons of exciting stories (that has become a part of your life!) to share among your folks in your native land.

In today’s globalized economy, it’s clear that focused graduates are keen to gain international experience through their studies, since, you have/are exposed to/ ample of options to look for subjects that motivate you or the ones that are inclined with your own interests and then filter out to your required programme. This broadens up you’re viewing and provides entrance to a completely different world of educational opportunities and best universities to pick on.

Marmaris Bookings helps you through each and every step in your course selection, if you are confused. We ensure to put you in the right place, considering the previous education, experiences, skills, comforts and discomforts, and career objectives.

You can work part-time for up to twenty hours each week. You can also work full-time during the semester breaks and holidays. This will help you offset some of your living expenses and get vital professional and industry experience at the same time. In few countries, students can work full time during your study.

There are universities that has been implementing a post-study work visa plan. You can live and work in the country for an additional two years after graduating. This visa will grant eligible students the opportunity to work or find work for two years after finishing their education. You will also benefit from finding diverse employment opportunities owing to the country’s flourishing economy and thousands of businesses in various industries and sectors.

The most prominent reason for people choosing abroad for higher education is Employment. When you apply for anything like an internship or job application, employers are captured in a nook of time. Graduates with higher degree from overseas are highly looked up on by the recruiters as you stand out of the ordinary, and they are well aware of the quality of your degree and analytical, critical and social skills. Shifting to another country for higher studies indicates an aptitude for taking on risks, new challenges, awareness. It goes without a saying that you will naturally be more confident and mature at your interviews with a foreign stint under your belt.

Academic standards are more stringent in foreign countries. Overseas educations uphold a utility and practical-based education system over textbook learning, emphasizing analysis, critical thinking, and creativity which is yet to develop in most of the universities in India. Annual Fee Structure is key important factor that should be concerned about. Fee structure, when compared, is more or less the same but there are several overseas universities that bids so minimum for a year of course. Students can apply for a placement year and spend the particular year solely for it, which is something not in India.